You roll up to the pump, throw down your pre-payment, grab hold of the nozzle and look at the three buttons providing you a choice of fuel. The branding may differ – Gold, Silver, Bronze / Regular, Super, Ultra – but there always seems to be three and they always jump a little in price. Press thew wrong button and you may require a small loan in order to fill your tank. But which fuel should you choose?

For us, the answer is simple. If you have a high performance car that actually requires premium fuel then use premium fuel. If you don’t then use regular.

First up, the real difference between the fuels is Octane. The premium fuels have more octane. Your engine is hot and compression or hot carbon deposit build up in the engine can cause your fuel to fire at the wrong time, this is bad. More octane actually makes the fuel / air combo harder to ignite, which means that only the spark from the spark plug is likely to ignite it, likely at the right time, this is good.

Gas is a carbon fuel source and because you use it you get carbon build up in your engine. When this happens it can cause your engine to fire at the wrong time, and guess what, adding premium fuel helps stop this incorrect firing. But it is expensive and is also worse at depositing carbon in your engine than regular fuel. Catch 22.

But you may be like me, either it’s your cars birthday, you’re plain old curious, or maybe you just hit the wrong button by mistake and now you sport a nice tank full of premium fuel. Either way, you start up your vehicle and it seems to drive better. If that is the case you have a small problem, don’t worry it is one we can fix! If your car drives better using premium fuel then it probably needs the carbon build up removing from the engine and we have Terraclean

Terraclean safely removes the carbon from the engine, cleans the injectors, intake and exhaust valves, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters restoring the computer and engines ability to make power like it did when the engine was close to new. And guess what? its cheaper than buying premium fuel – a lot cheaper.

Symptons of a carbon problem include: Reduced power, reduced fuel economy, engine runs hotter than it used to, transmission shifts are slower / harsher / delayed, transmission runs hotter, fluid discolours, air conditioning does not work as well, weird noises and smells apear, longer crank times to start, slower engine cranking …. plus many others.

Since the problem occurs slowly over time most people do not realize a problem exists. By the time it is bad enough for your average person to notice its gone on way too long and other bad stuff in now happening which ends up costing you some serious dollar.

The carbon deposit problem occurs as a function of fuel consumption. Youput carbon fuel in your vehicle and it will form deposits. The more fuel used, the more frequent it requires service. Large diesel engines need servicing at 40,000-50,000km. Small super fuel efficient engines can go up to double that.

So, is it about time you allowed your car to breathe freely like it was when it was new? Speak to us about the fantastic terra clean service.