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Need an Auto Service or Auto Repair Shop? Call the award winning, family owned business, right in the heart of West Kelowna. Skilled technicians. Fast, friendly service.
We take pride in our auto service and auto repair, earning the trust of our customers to protect them and their family with a safe and reliable vehicle.

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The Fifth Avenue Difference

Experience the difference of a Fifth Avenue Auto service. We combine the skills, education, knowledge and experience of a first class auto service and repair shop. The business owners are highly trained auto mechanics with a proven track record in top quality work and a long list of happy customers. Our positive attitude and friendly, honest service will put you at ease and help make the process enjoyable.

We will take the time to discuss your choices and explain the reasons behind our recommendations. We will provide you with a written estimate detailing the service or repair including all the parts, labor and taxes. We pledge to never proceed with any maintenance, repair or diagnostic work without a “to the penny” estimate approved by you.

No surprises, just happy customers!

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Advanced Auto Service

If it’s time to give your vehicle a once over, take it to our expert auto mechanics. Even if you are not a regular, you’ll get the same award winning service that we offer to all. Unhappy with your existing service provider? Maybe now is the time for change. Our auto service is second to none, and we are also able to provide warranty approved service – who better than an impartial third party to let you know if there is something you could claim under warranty?

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Scheduled Maintenance

Our scheduled maintenance program ensures the right thing is fine at the right time, avoiding a cascade of problems and reducing potential for an expensive repair. Our system will calculate the next time your vehicle requires servicing and make an appointment for it. We will attach a printed appointment sticker to your windshield and phone you the week prior to your appointment to remind you. It saves you money, and improves reliability.


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Professional Auto Repair

Smoke. Dashboard lights. A coughing and spluttering engine. Squeaks, rattles, We’ve seen and heard it all. Bring your vehicle to the locals favourite auto repair shop. You can be sure that we have the skills, knowledge and experience to get you back on the road quickly. Fifth Avenue is a family owned business, with respected local mechanics. Honest, trustworthy and dedicated to ensuring each and every customer leaves the shop happy.


Services We Offer

All this and more!

  • Minor Maintenance Auto Service (approx. 45 – 60 minutes) – its like an oil change on steroids for about the same price as a 10 minute oil change which includes: oil and filter change, chassis lubrication, lube door locks, latches and hinges, inspect and test all fluids, inspect tires for damage, inspect and adjust tire pressures, inspect lights and replace burned out bulbs in most cases, inspect belts and hoses, inspect park brake operation, inspect shocks and struts, inspect clutch operation, inspect heater operation, inspect battery condition and cables, inspect air filter and fuel filter, inspect axle shafts and u joints, inspect restraint system.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Auto Service (approx. 1/2 day) – includes the Minor maintenance Auto Service, tire rotation plus an extremely thorough go over of your vehicle inspecting and testing everything.
  • Government safety inspections up to 5500kg.
  • Hot engine oil flush service.
  • Air filter replacement.
  • Fuel filter replacement.
  • Cabin filter replacement.
  • Spark plug replacement.
  • Ignition tune-ups.
  • Check engine light diagnostics and repair.
  • Battery, charging system, starting system diagnosis, service and repair.
  • Security system diagnosis and repair.
  • Air bag system and restraint system (seat belts etc) diagnosis, service and repair.
  • Fuel system and carbon clean service, we use the TerraClean system which is capable of recovering oxygen sensors and cleaning catalytic converters.
  • Diesel engine EGR service and repair
  • Oxygen sensor testing, repair and recovery processes.
  • Catalytic converter cleaning.
    Cooling system clean, flush, service, diagnosis and repairs.
  • Power steering system clean, flush, diagnosis and repair.
  • Automatic transmission clean, service, flush, diagnosis and repair.
  • Manual transmission clean, service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Transfer case clean, service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Four wheel drive service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Differential service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Fan belt service.
  • Timing belt service and replacement.
  • Disk brake service and repair.
  • Drum brake service and repair.
  • Brake hydraulic system service and repair.
  • Brake fluid system flush.
  • Antilock brake system service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Traction control system service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Strut and shock replacement.
  • Automatic and electronic suspension service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Ball joint replacement.
  • Tie rod replacement.
  • Steering rack and steering box service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Spring service and repair.
  • Wheel alignment (state of the art equipment).
  • Air conditioning service and repair.
  • Heater system service and repair.
  • Mouse and rodent removal, cleaning and sanitizing service.
  • MiST service to remove mold, mildew and bacteria.
  • Power window system service, diagnosis and repair.
  • Engine, engine compartment and under vehicle shampooing.
  • Winter and summer tire change over.
  • Affordable loaner vehicle – Honda Civic
  • Winter and spring servicing – NOTE: although we do winter and spring servicing, any vehicle that is on our maintenance program will not require this. Your vehicle will always be ready to go at any time of the year.
Some of our many benefits

Fully licensed and experienced mechanics and technicians.
Constant training for all staff to keep on top of the latest industry advancements.
Constant upgrading of all equipment.
Always up to date information systems including all factory information with latest technical service bulletins and recalls.
Courtesy car and shuttle service.
Hassle free, rock solid warranty of 1 year in Canada and the USA – PLUS limited lifetime warranty available!
Fully authorized to perform manufactures regularly scheduled maintenance on ALL DEALERSHIP WARRANTIED VEHICLES, to protect their new vehicle warranty.
Preferred rates from local hotels and car rental companies for stranded motorists.
We will take the time to educate you about your choices and explain the reasons behind our recommendations.
We will provide you with a written estimate detailing the service or repair including all the parts, labor, taxes and levies.
We pledge to never proceed with any maintenance, repair or diagnostic work without a “to the penny” estimate approved by you

Breakdown Shop vs Maintenance Shop

A breakdown shop is a shop that sees their customer when:

  • The customer feels it is time for an oil change on their vehicle.
  • Their vehicle breaks. A lot of people now a days like the convenience of a 10 minute oil change. However these facilitys do not hire people with sufficient training and experience. Often small issues do not get recognized until they become expensive repairs.
  • A breakdown shop’s goal is to see their customer’s vehicle needing repairs frequently.


A maintenance shop is a shop that:

  • Tracks and schedules their client’s vehicle maintenance based on their driving habits.
  • Book the vehicle’s next appointment tailored to the client’s time schedule for their convenience.
  • Performs inspections on their client’s vehicle every time it is in. No 10 minute oil changes here! At least 30 minutes with a highly trained and experienced technician looking your vehicle over.
  • Educates and consults with their client about all maintenance and repairs to be performed.
  • Provides advance knowledge about up coming maintenance and repairs on their client’s vehicle.
  • Provides advance estimates for up coming maintenance and repairs so their client can budget.
  • Spends time with their client to build a long-term relationship.


A maintenance shop’s goal is to:

  • Save their client’s money be helping to prevent costly and stressful breakdowns.
  • To make their client’s motoring life as simple and easy as possible.

Ready for better auto service, maintenance and repair?

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