We know our customers are of a higher intelligence. After all, you sought out the rather excellent services of Fifth Avenue Auto for all your car maintenance.  So, rather than join the millions of media voices telling you not to leave kids and pets in the car in the middle of a blazing Okanagan summer, we’re just going to congratulate you on not doing it instead.

There have been several times when my furry passenger could have been ‘just left for a moment’, a moment which then becomes a few minutes. So I vowed to be diligent and am still buying pet food this week because of it.

I am always surprised when I return to my (empty) vehicle, after even a minute or two, to discover how much of an oven it has become. But I am not as smart as you, I learnt my lesson the hard way when when, in the summer of 2011, I returned to my vehicle having been distracted talking to some friends. I was fairly devastated to find that two very recently purchased chocolate bars in my centre console had perished. That was tough to take. I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to lose anything more important.

Pat yourself on the back for never leaving kids and pets in the car. You’re smart.