Kelowna is a relatively small town so the electric vehicle probably doesn’t feature too highly on our roads. Hybrid cars, yes. Pure electric cars? Not so much. The colloquialism is EV, which rather cunningly stands for Electric Vehicle. Someone probably got paid a lot of money to come up with that!

Fortunately the arrival of these clean EV’s is no false dawn. Take a stroll through some of the major cities around the world and you’ll find cars parked in special parking bays connected to what look like ticket machines. These are electric cars and they’re recharging. And it’s happening here.

There are already car charging stations all over Canada. West Kelowna has okayed a BC Hydro Fast Charging Station. Can’t think of any in Kelowna? There are at least 4 locations down Highway 97, mainly championed by Best Western who all have them. Nissan Kelowna has one, Okanagan College on KLO has a few. And if you think they are for the larger cities only then think again. Summerland has four electric car charging locations. Then, of course, there is your home …. with it’s ample supply of watts to juice your ride.

You might be mistaken, as I was, for thinking these places were ‘chargers’. They’re not. The charger is inside the car, converting your lovely household AC current into DC current used by your EV. You’ll need a socket like the one used by Clothes Dryers, easily installed. Throw the specially designed plug in the car, the other in the wall. Hey presto. You’re filling your car, at home, without that little dribble of gas when you take the pump out.

So, what’s this got to do with Fifth Avenue Auto? Simple. EV’s need maintaining too. And we do that.

At Fifth Avenue our service is state or the art, with real time information directly from the manufacturers including technical service bulletins and recalls on all new and used cars, including electric vehicles. Plus, we subscribe to the fix databases. This allows us to accurately and fully diagnose the toughest problems relatively inexpensively for our clients.

At Fifth Avenue, we are future ready.