During our rebrand we hit on a new tagline.

Contemporary Maintenance. Vintage Customer Service.

But what exactly does that mean? Well, we like to think that Fifth Avenue Auto is that perfect middle ground between the two usual  styles of auto service.

Mr Contemporary.
That shiny 60 bay super garage who’s aim is clearly focused on the latest tech is often staffed by, well, just staff. Occasionally friendly, often not, probably knowledgeable if only they cared enough to apply that knowledge to your car and, having handed over your hard earned cash, you’d think a smile wouldn’t be too much to ask for. Heaven forbid they should have an idea of what will need doing and when so that you’re not stuck with a broken vehicle or left with a whole bunch of nasty surprises that all need fixing at once. They’ll expect you to know what needs doing and when, or just leave it until it’s too late. Mr Contemporary is ok but you just wish he had some of Mr Traditional’s traits.

Mr Traditional.
Running his business from an oil soaked hole in the wall, Mr Traditional has been servicing your family’s vehicles for years. He’s one of the nicest guy’s you know, and great value too.  He knows where nearly all of his tools are even if his workshop looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. If it’s mechanical, and preferably wasn’t built after the 80’s, he can fix it. Often with a hammer and / or a piece of gum. “That should last you another 1,000km at least, bring it in again when it goes wrong.”  Every time you break down locally, which is becoming more frequent, he’ll come and get you usually within a couple of hours.  You receive your invoice on a napkin.

Fifth Avenue Auto.
We have the very latest info on your vehicle direct from manufacturers, clean slick work bays, highly trained mechanics and a maintenance scheduling system thats’s so cool  we feel like throwing ice melt on it. We’ve got Mr Contemporary covered. But we also offer some of the greatest service around (in fact,  it’s award winning according to the local Chamber of Commerce who voted us best customer service in the area). We’re family run, appreciate our clients and greet every customer with a smile.

So there you have it. We think Fifth Avenue gives you the best of both worlds. The best possible maintenance for your vehicle performed by excellently trained mechanics, combined with that vintage customer service everyone feels is missing from today’s business. Maybe  that’s why we won the 2014 Best Business  award too!

We look forward to maintaining  your vehicle …. and to seeing you too.