We know before you do.


There are very few shocks with Fifth Avenue Auto. We make it a priority to know what needs doing before it needs doing and we tell you what needs doing before it needs doing. Which means you can account for it, both mentally and financially. It also means that you are a lot less likely to break down, your vehicle will run more efficiently and, well, it’s just a better ownership experience all round.

Sounds great in theory. But how do we put it into practice?

Well, each time you bring your vehicle in for a service we inspect all the areas that need servicing and make detailed notes on what was done, when it was done, the mileage and when it needs to be done next. All the serviceable items are catalogued so that we don’t let thing get out of hand. Things like your fan belt should be replaced every 80,000kms, because no-one likes squeals or a nasty snapping sound. Transmission fluid might need to be done every 50,000kms. Your front shocks at 80,000kms.

We build a history of your car that allows us to look after it in the most efficient and economical way possible. Fewer repairs, fewer breakdowns, a happier you.

All of this is done in the background. When you pick up your car we may forewarn you of items that might need to be looked at or those that are coming up for their replacement interval so you know what to expect on your next visit and we even get you booked in so you don’t forget. A neat little sticker (one that doesn’t peel off or get in the way!) is attached in the top corner of your windscreen as a reminder of when your next service is due and shortly before we will contact you to remind you.

Contemporary maintenance. Vintage customer service. That’s the Fifth Avenue Auto way.

Here is an example of our maintenance records. You get a copy with your invoice after each service.